Better Staff Schedules in Seconds

Without the Headaches

Easily create and communicate schedules and changes
Increase employee happiness and productivity
Optimize across competing priorities
Reduce staff turnover and no shows

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Schedule unlimited employees for free.

Sign up for a one-on-one demo.

Schedule unlimited employees for free.

Finally, a scheduling tool that does

the hard work for you

StaffFox’s revolutionary SmartFill™ technology will change your relationship with staff-scheduling forever. Much more than some basic “auto-fill” scheduler, StaffFox considers your priorities and then, in just seconds, creates and evaluates billions of possible schedules to find you the best one.

Click below to see just some of the ways StaffFox can take into account what matters to you.






  • Labor Costs

    Minimize or completely avoid overtime

  • Legal Requirements

    Stay within criteria such as minimum time off between shifts

  • Min/Max Hours

    Set target minimum and maximum hours by employee type

  • Shift Skill Needs

    Set the desired skill levels by shift

  • Pre-assignments

    Assign who you want where and then solve for the rest

  • Open Shifts

    Create open shifts and set criteria for who qualifies

  • Locations

    Handle from one to any number of locations

  • Areas

    Organize your shifts into as many areas by location as you like

  • Positions

    Create as many positions as you need

  • Positions

    Better meet each staff member’s desires for certain positions

  • Amount Of Work

    Better meet the amount of time each staff member wants to work

  • Days And Hours

    Better meet the days and times of day each staff member wants to work

  • Days and Hours

    Easily set availability by staff member

  • Qualified Skills

    Set qualified positions (and skill level) by staff member

  • Time-off Requests

    Easily see and manage submitted time off requests

Optimally assign 100 shifts in < 5 seconds and 800 shifts in < 15 seconds.

An intuitive end-to-end staff scheduling solution

Powerful web app
Managers can use the web app to easily:

Add and manage staff, and handle time off requests
Build shift plans and estimate labor costs
Set scheduling priorities & create optimized schedules
Publish schedules & easily handle changes

Convenient mobile app
Staff can use the mobile app to easily:

See their schedule and any notes from their manager for a given shift
Request and see the status of scheduled time-off
Update their preferences including desired number of hours, positions, workdays and times

Why People Are Switching to StaffFox 

The Problem

Today’s staff scheduling applications are little more than spreadsheet management done online. Even the so-called “auto-fill” features ignore much of what is important to creating a good schedule and they don’t optimize across the schedule to proactively minimize overtime and maximize employee satisfaction.

The Solution — SmartFill

StaffFox’s SmartFill™ technology uses game-changing prescriptive analytics to easily create optimized schedules for your business. 

Whether you are staffing a dozen employees in one location or thousands across multiple locations, StaffFox can help you create schedules your employees prefer and meet management objectives at the click of a button.

What used to take hours can now be done even better in just seconds. Now managers can be the scheduling hero, skipping the time-consuming, trial and error part of creating a schedule, and producing optimized shifts that employees and company owners will love.

StaffFox’s Unique Benefits

Save Time

Regardless of if you are currently scheduling by hand or using an online scheduling tool, StaffFox can do in seconds what you now do in hours.

Save Money

By taking into account more factors, and evaluating more options than humanly possible, we make it easier to avoid overtime and better assign your most productive staff.

Master Complexity

With StaffFox you can schedule 500+ employees across 4 locations with a thousand different schedule needs in only a few seconds. We can also handle a part-time restaurant crew too. 

Reduce Attrition

Maximize staff satisfaction by easily taking into account their shift/day/time/skill preferences to better assign them while still meeting business priorities.

Be a Staff Scheduling Hero