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If you’ve ever played telephone, or passed a secret along a string with tin cans attached to the ends, you know very well that sometimes a message becomes muddled in transmission. Your ideal staff schedule may often meet the same fate: in the hullabaloo of rearranging shifts and finding coverage for employees who have called out, miscommunications arise and leave you under- or over-staffed and frazzled.

StaffFoxTM’s latest feature, Team View, is here to save you from playing telephone with something as important as your staff schedule. This latest upgrade to your intelligent scheduling partner allows you to control employees’ visibility of their coworkers’ shifts within the StaffFox app, keeping everyone on the same page schedule-wise.


Monitor Schedule Visibility

Team View’s main perk is the power it gives you to oversee schedule visibility among your staff. If you choose to enable Team View, your employees will be able to see the hours of those working the same day as them.

In this regard, Team View is a user-friendly tool for your staff members. You can show them the coworker schedules they might need to see, without overwhelming them by dropping the entire staff schedule on their cell phone. They’ll get an idea of who they’re working with and figure out what to expect from each shift, without getting lost in a three-page excel sheet of shift information.


Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Team View is also a great way to ensure that everyone knows where they’re supposed to be. When employees agree to swap or pick up shifts for each other, they’ll be able to see those schedule changes reflected in the app, on all ends. You can rest easy knowing everyone is in agreement with any necessary shift shuffling.

In turn, Team View will help you limit miscommunication and enforce a level of group-accountability. Through Team View, employees may see how their hours fit in with the schedule as a whole, helping them connect their work to the bigger picture.



Maintain Workplace Predictability

In the rush to create a flexible, dynamic work environment, predictability often gets swept under the rug. However, as pointed out by the Harvard Business Review, workplace predictability has many important benefits. It gives employees a sense of security, allowing them to plan ahead in certain aspects and see the bigger picture of how their work impacts the workplace as a whole.

Team View is one great way to help create more predictability for your employees. With the option to see their coworkers’ schedules, they’ll know what they’re walking into for every shift, giving them the opportunity to mentally brace themselves for any challenge that may come their way. 


Improve the Daily Project-Management Rhythm

As a result of heightening workplace predictability, Team View may also help you strike the perfect rhythm with daily project-management. Anyone who’s ever worked retail or food services knows that shift changes are often the most chaotic aspect of the day: in a whirlwind of clocking in and out, suddenly an eight-man task is forced onto the shoulders of the newbie who just so happened to be the only one bridging the gap.

With Team View, you and your employees can plan ahead for those messy shift changes, keeping a close eye on project delegation in the midst of reassigning tasks.


Create an Environment Conducive to Feedback

It’s a simple matter of fact that most employees are only comfortable turning to certain coworkers for questions and concerns. With Team View, they’ll be able to quickly identify those coworkers on their shift who they can turn to for help.

In this regard, Team View is great for creating an atmosphere built for positive reinforcement and continual improvement. Staff members will find it easier to orient themselves and find their go-to, like-minded problem solvers when dealing with daily dilemmas.



Build Interpersonal Workplace Relationships

As your staff members use Team View to pinpoint those whom they frequently work with, you’ll find that this tool helps reinforce positive coworker relations. One key reason Team View is great for building staff connections is that it helps more introverted employees put names to faces rapidly. They’ll get their feet on the ground quicker with the reassurance that they can glance at Team View before their shift to figure out who’s working with them for the day.

Writing for Entrepreneur, Dave Mattson points out that getting to know teammates is vital for building mutual respect. As employees incorporate Team View into the process of establishing coworker-relationships, they’ll find those fellow staffers whom they feel are best suited to help them with difficulties.


Promote Teamwork

It’s in the feature’s name! As you implement Team View, you’ll discover a new level of cohesion among coworkers in the same shift. Your employees will take comfort in the ease-of-access, predictability, organization, and beneficial relationships that Team View fosters in your work environment.

Try out Team View today, or schedule a demo with our customer success team, and never again play telephone with your staff schedule.


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