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The Work We Do

Is Changing The Way The World Works


We’re a lively mix of number-loving mathematicians, devoted Type-A doers, and customer success wizards who are transforming your staff scheduling experience and making it easier to meet your business needs and the needs of your staff.

What We Do


We make the complex staff scheduling process simple–and downright fun–by removing the tedium and providing you with SmartFill™ and prescriptive analytics to identify every possible schedule in seconds. Our partnership with you allows you to steal back precious hours of time you can redirect toward the rewarding aspects of your work.

Think of us as your office friend who knows all the organization and efficiency hacks. We handle the brain benders, you get to view your staff scheduling strategies and workflow in a whole new light. Plus, The SmartFill™ feature is so fast and fun, it feels like cheating.

Team up with StaffFox to eliminate unnecessary overtime while showing your team they are valued.


Our Mission


To help our customers become scheduling rockstars and improve the lives of their staff through the power of revolutionary prescriptive analytics.

Our Vision


To give our customers the time saving, decision making, advantages of cutting-edge technology across their business without the need for a degree in rocket science.

Our Core Values


Our Core Values


Passion for excellence

Transparent leadership

Constant improvement

Personal integrity

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