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If there’s one thing we all take seriously, it’s our game-day snacks. From deep-fried mystery goodness on a stick, to upscale hors d’oeuvres on a silver platter, catering to the tastes of important events is no laughing matter. 

However, dealing with the clamor of getting the right people to the right places during the right shifts can be a scheduling nightmare in the catering and concessions industries. Maybe you’ve found yourself spending many late nights playing hardball with your staff schedule, trying to account for employee availability, locations, skill sets, shift coverage needs, and more. Oftentimes, dealing with so many factors at once can be time-consuming and frustrating.

StaffFoxTM is ready to go to bat for you! Your intelligent scheduling partner can handle all the challenges of staffing for game-day, setting you and your team up for success.


Cover All Your Bases

Especially if you’re in the business of catering, planning out coverage by location can be quite a feat. When you need employees at multiple stands, front- or back- of house, far and wide, getting your ideal shift coverage can be a dizzying process. StaffFox will save you the headache of arranging everything to a T. With our Locations and Areas features, you can simultaneously manage multiple business sites and positions within those sites. 

As Darren Dahl, writing for Inc., points out, managing multiple locations takes major finesse. Whether your sites are set up nationally, or just within walking distance of one another, running multiple locations complicates communication, project management, and team cohesiveness. He recommends putting standard systems in place and adopting new technology to deal with these issues.

Per Dahl’s words of advice, StaffFox will help you handle the curveballs of multi-site management with ease. No need to tear out your hair trying to fill every shift across 12 different locations—simply input the shifts you need covered at each location and position, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

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Create a Winning Lineup

Along with accounting for all the locations you need covered, we’ll also ensure that you’ve got the right batters on deck for every job. StaffFox’s Skill Levels feature allows you to set shift coverage by expertise. Need a certified yodeler out on the stands to push peanuts and cracker jacks? Want a seasoned salesman to gab with fans while upselling their meal? With Skill Levels, you can ensure that every position and shift is covered by the right talent.

And, on top of simply putting the right people in the right places, Skill Levels will help you balance the playing field experience-wise. As fun as it is to see an underdog step up to bat, stacking a shift with too many rookies can instantly create a no-win customer service situation. Whether you’re looking to stabilize your schedule with different levels of expertise, or stack an important shift with trusty staffers, Skill Levels will help you create the perfect shift team for any occasion.

So, let StaffFox plan your shifts with expertise in mind, and cut down on mediation and on-shift confusion. 


Keep Staff on the Ball

Perhaps the greatest perk to all these features is that your staff members will have easy access to your new-and-improved schedule from their mobile devices. With our user-friendly app, they’ll be notified when you update and post your schedule. Additionally, if you enable Team View, your staffers will be able to see the schedules of the employees working on the same day, keeping everyone on the same page schedule-wise.

This quick, centralized shift communication is vital in any fast-paced work environment, especially when employees are spread out over multiple locations. Using StaffFox to eliminate scheduling confusion will help you heighten communication and increase productivity. When your employees have a better understanding of when they work and whom they’re working with, they’ll be able to cut distractions and get down to the job at hand.

Using StaffFox to handle the details of communicating your optimized schedule will help you ensure that everyone knows the game plan.


Bat a Thousand on Gameday

Whether you’re catering to a roaring stadium or a ballroom of posh guests, filling your schedule to perfection can make all the difference in game-day success. StaffFox is ready to be your wingman, delivering a better, optimized schedule for you and your staffers. With the ease of our Areas and Locations features, the precision of Skill Levels, and the convenience of our mobile app, you and your employees can take to the field with full confidence in your staff schedule.

Ready to take catering to a new level? Try out all these features today, or schedule a demo with our customer success team, and discover your newly optimized staff schedule.

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