Meet the needs of both
your business AND staff

StaffFox smartly schedules staff shifts. Say that three times fast…and by the time you do, StaffFox will have produced your new smart schedule.

Easily build truly optimized shift plans

Create the right schedule
for YOUR business

Don’t settle for a schedule that only takes into account a few requirements. With StaffFox you can optimize for:

Desired open shift and pre-assignments
Staff availability and time-off requests
Staff preferences for certain days and times
Staff preferences for hours and positions
Labor costs and productivity
Sharing of staff across areas and locations
Balancing across competing priorities

And so much more!

Easily capture
needed information

Easily import and/or setup basic staff information
Customize StaffFox’s default company and solving settings to your business priorities
Allow staff to use the mobile app to update their availability and shift preferences, make and manage time-off requests, and accept/decline shifts

Create an optimized
staff schedule in seconds

Beyond shifts you pre-assign or mark as Open Shifts that qualified staff can pick up, let our cutting edge SmartFill™ technology do the hard work for you. SmartFill will automatically generate and evaluate up to billions of possible schedules, following criteria you set, at literally the click of a button.


Easily modify the schedule
prior to publishing it

At any time in the scheduling process you can easily:

See which shifts are unfilled, open, filled or have issues
After using Smartfill, see if and why any shifts couldn’t be scheduled, and if any rules were flexed in order to meet your scheduling needs
Add, remove, and change existing shifts as needed
Add or remove notes to staff for any shift

Easily publish and handle schedule changes

Click one button to notify
each staff of their schedule

Once a schedule is ready, you can easily publish and have each staff member notified of their schedule in their mobile app.

Schedules can be easily exported in an enhanced report that is customized by intuitive filters.

Easily handle changes

Staff change, people get sick, and business needs change. StaffFox makes it easy to see who the next best person is to fill a scheduling gap in order to minimize both overtime and changes to the rest of the schedule.

With Accept/Decline activated, managers can have staff accept or decline part or all of their schedule, with immediate feedback to managers. Declined shifts can easily be re-assigned either automatically using SmartFill, or on a shift-by-shift basis using StaffFox’s intelligent pre-assignment function.


StaffFox scales to your business

Schedule from ten to thousands of employees

While other scheduling applications limit the amount of staff you can manage, StaffFox allows you to schedule as many employees as you want. So you know it can handle your needs both today and down the road.

Easily manage from a single area to multiple locations

Whether you are staffing for one area (such as a restaurant dining room) or multiple areas across multiple locations, you can easily optimize your shifts by area and staff across them.

Be a Staff Scheduling Hero