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Maybe you’ve faced this disaster: it’s schedule-posting day, and suddenly you’ve turned into the office superhero. With time-off paperwork on your desk, a set amount of hours you need to fill, labor costs to consider, and a revolving door of last-minute schedule requests, it’s all suddenly a daunting task for one scheduler to handle. Never fear—SmartFill™ is here! StaffFox™’s intelligent scheduling partner is ready to back you up, designed to help you create a schedule that everybody is sure to love.

Create Better Schedules

The number one reason SmartFill runs circles around other tools and software is simple: it creates better schedules! By taking into account all of your preferences—from simple requirements such as employee availability, to even harder considerations like minimizing labor costs—SmartFill can find the optimal schedule for your staff. 

Other “auto-fill” technologies lack the capacity to consider your more complex scheduling preferences, but having a manager carefully put together your ideal schedule by hand can take hours. SmartFill strikes the perfect balance. When you need to keep in mind employee scheduling preferences, the ideal shift length, minimal overtime work, and/or the skill set needed for positions, SmartFill can do it all in seconds. It’s like your trusty office friend who you turn to when you need help tackling a daunting to-do list: it knows what you want, and it can get the job done with speed and precision.

With SmartFill, you’re not just finding a schedule that technically fits your staff members’ availability, but you’re finding the schedule that best meets everybody’s work preferences.

Secure More Free Time

While great staff scheduling is a noble pursuit, it can also be time-consuming, depending on your methods. SmartFill will transform your scheduling process so that it flies by, maximizing schedule efficiency and quality, and allowing you to dedicate your time to other vital office-superhero-related duties.

One especially important office function from which traditional scheduling leeches time is promoting employee success in the workplace. SmartFill will reclaim those lost hours, allowing you to focus on boosting morale and output. In fact, John Rampton, writing for Entrepreneur, points out that one great way to increase employee productivity is by empowering them with technology that automates time-consuming tasks. On top of that, you might find the time to consider other workplace solutions that encourage engagement, promote your company mission, and create a positive work environment overall. By letting SmartFill handle the meticulous side of creating fabulous schedules, you’ll have more time to devote to employee-relations, improving communication, retention, and productivity

And, depending on how much time you devoted to scheduling before SmartFill, you might even have a spare moment to sneak off to the breakroom to catch a quick episode of your latest show addiction. 

Boost Employee Satisfaction

If you’ve ever forgotten a good friend’s birthday, you’re well-aware of the awkward moment where they casually bring it up in conversation, and you’re forced to smile, clap them on the shoulder, and give them your most heartfelt birthday wishes on the spot. Depending on the size of your staff, creating the best schedule can be like trying to remember twenty birthdays at once; come schedule-posting day, and suddenly you need to recall who talked to you about shift length preferences, days they absolutely cannot work, and the amount of work they want over the course of the week.

With SmartFill, there’s no need to scratch your head over the finer details of staff scheduling; once you set employee preferences, your smart scheduling partner will handle the rest, ensuring that everybody is happy with the outcome. In fact, the Forbes Human Resources Council pointed out that a few ways businesses may offer added value to their employees are by making them feel valued, heard, and creating positive employee experiences. SmartFill can advance those goals by remembering the smaller details for you.

On schedule-posting day, SmartFill will take into account all your employee’s preferences, and you’ll get the credit for putting together a thoughtful schedule that meets everybody’s wishes.

Happy employees

Operate with Ease

Perhaps one of SmartFill’s greatest qualities, on top of all its other benefits, is its user-friendly features. You don’t need to be a technical wizard to navigate SmartFill; all you need to know is what you want out of a great staff schedule. 

As pointed out by Leon Cooper and Milan Vyas, writing for Strategy+Business, a few principles to follow when you’re implementing new technology includes aiming for simplicity, seeking design flexibility and speed, and finding something that’s agile and user-centric. SmartFill checks all those boxes; it’s a scheduling partner built to adapt to your requirements, while still remaining easy to operate. 

And, if you ever find yourself unsure as to whether SmartFill has really given you the schedule you want, the StaffFox customer success team is always just a call or a click away.

So don’t spend any more time agonizing over staff scheduling solutions! SmartFill does all the heavy lifting for you, creating a schedule that everybody is sure to love. Try out StaffFox’s SmartFill technology today, and discover your staff-scheduling side-kick, who’s ready to help you transform your workplace for the better.

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