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StaffFox radically reduces the effort needed to create optimal staff schedules during uncertain times

RENO, NV— As business managers know firsthand, both customer demand and staff availability can be uncertain and moving targets. These two factors, greatly amplified by the pandemic, make efficiently scheduling staff both more challenging and more important than ever before. The latest release of StaffFox further improves its exclusive SmartFill™ assignment tool and introduces a number of new features users have asked for.

With the latest release of StaffFox, combined the increased scheduling uncertainty caused by the pandemic, StaffFox™ is reaching out to businesses throughout North America to offer its superior online staff scheduling tool free for three months. StaffFox’s web and mobile tools are uniquely capable of handling complex staffing challenges, which the company hopes will help these businesses minimize the impact of the uncertainty as the world navigates its way through this pandemic.

One feature the company is highlighting is its exclusive SmartFill™ technology. SmartFill uses cutting-edge algorithms that, at the push of a button, can create and evaluate millions of possible schedules in a matter of seconds in order to find the optimal schedule.  This feature stands out from so-called “auto-fill” technologies, which often don’t scale well, don’t balance across competing priorities, and don’t generate optimal schedules. SmartFill’s capacity to take into account staff skills, availability and preferences, shift needs and relative priorities, business constraints, and legal or union requirements make it the ideal tool for employers under pressure to meet both business and staff needs. And with this latest release, SmartFill is now up to 83% faster on the hardest schedules.

StaffFox has also recently enhanced their Team View feature, which allows team members to see each other’s schedules and facilitate coordination. With Team View, managers can allow qualified staff to see, within the mobile app, the schedules of others who are working with them. This makes it easy to ensure people are where they should be, allows managers to make adjustments on the spot, and also helps staff plan for shift swaps.

With a web and mobile app for managers and staff, StaffFox is the ideal staff scheduling tool for businesses. Meeting the needs of owners and their staff members, StaffFox creates better schedules, reduces overtime, and improves staff retention and productivity. Despite a tumultuous economic climate, StaffFox remains committed to optimizing manager’s scheduling experiences.

About StaffFox: StaffFox is your intelligent scheduling partner built to optimize the employee-scheduling process. Their web- and app- based tools help managers rapidly identify the best staff schedule, while minimizing costs and maximizing staff satisfaction.