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Spreadsheet templates in Excel used for creating schedules are becoming a thing of the past. With the continuous development of online scheduling programs, we have seen a considerable change in the business landscape. Most notably in the efficiency of communication and increased emphasis on the employee to employer relationships. Business is shifting from being output-oriented to employee-focused, this change has contributed to higher levels of job satisfaction and productivity. Although the introduction of online scheduling has had a great influence on shaping the business environment in several ways, here, in more detail are the top three ways scheduling has impacted the workplace.

Better Communication

The accessibility and tools of online scheduling have led to an overall improvement in communication between employees and employers. With the ability to instantly update and post new schedules, as an employer you can ensure that everyone is on the same page faster. Online scheduling also allows employees to spot issues earlier and communicate their findings, giving you ample time to correct and construct accordingly. Ultimately this improvement in communication leads to less no call, no shows as well as less tardiness due to confusion about shifts. This decrease can contribute to less stress for both parties and increase employee happiness and the efficiency of communication in your business.

Improved Employee Retention

Employees are your most valuable assets as a business owner and finding quality employees could be challenging. Raising the question of why lose a good employee over something as trivial as a scheduling conflict. Our self-focused tendencies often lead us to overlook the fact that employees have a life outside of work that they must manage as well. With the tools offered for online scheduling such as availability inputs, employers have a better understanding of how to accommodate their employees. Helping employees achieve a work-life balance that they desire shows them that they are valued and that you care about the happenings of their personal lives. This validation often leads to higher levels of employee happiness and lower turn lover, thus saving you time and money on training new employees and help you retain talented individuals.

Increased Productivity

Overall working with your employee’s scheduling needs, will result in significant returns. Many studies suggest that there is a positive correlation between employee happiness and their levels of productivity. Stemming from affirmations by management, employee’s productivity is a reaction to their perceived value within the company. With that in mind, it should be your aim to accommodate within reason the scheduling needs of your employees. Leveraging online scheduling programs could help assist in managing relationships with employees and boosting their overall happiness.

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